Hi my name’s Kellan and i am from Birmingham, UK. I’m a part time writer/blogger and a full time adrenaline junkie, strange right?

I do go from one extreme to another but over the past year i have developed a hobbie which is “blogging”.

I find it extremely cool how you can just express what it is your feeling or going through and just be able to post it on the net!

It is almost like an online diary or journal.

So where was we? Oh yeah… Me…

I’m 23 years old or young and my glass is always half *full*

In my spare time when i’m not working my J.O.B (Just over broke) i like to get in my car and travel around the UK, almost like an adventure every weekend.

Anyways if you would like to no what i’m up to right now click here to return to the home page.